God with you

Sal Solo - Manitou
Sal Solo – Manitou

This is one of the first recalls of the title from Classix Nouveaux i made in 2013. It is a short piece of sound created on a PC with a so called sequencer software.

God with you

You can hear a very quiet sample from the title “Manitou” in the background of this song, Sals voice saying “god”. This is the first word in the first sentence from the lyric of “Manitou“: “god with you”.

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Classix Nouveaux - broadcast
Classix Nouveaux – broadcast

This is a continuation of the blog entry tv-pop-diaries-uk with a content focus set on the radio broadcast in the early 80th.


Thursday 28 May 1981 – BBC1 radio – Richard Skinner
visits a college or university. This week at Surrey University,
Guildford with special live band Classix Nouveaux


Saturday 30 January 1982 – BBC1 radio – In Concert
Classix Nouveaux and A Flock of Seagulls
See also: gary-steadman
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Similar brands

Classix Nouveaux - the monster
Classix Nouveaux – the monster
The Nouveau Classical project (NCP) is not related to Classix Nouveaux itself and thus noteworthy because of its similar name.

The project seems to be an “intersection of classical music and fashion“.
The New York Times wrote already 2013 on the web site “But the Black Concert that she and Classical Nouveau presented […] was pretty sexy“. Continue reading Similar brands

Guilty – non stop

Sal Solo as C3PO robot
Sal Solo as a Star Wars’ C3PO robot

The film Star Wars was screened in cinemas in 1977 and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon.

The electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk, released their single “The robots” in 1978 and one year later, in 1979, a band called Tubeway Army with their singer Gary Numan sold a one million copies of the No 1 single “Are friends electric?”. It was a song about a special sort of robots. Continue reading Guilty – non stop